When Your Story Smiles at You

Sometimes my story flirts with me. It says, “Hey, handsome, I’m worth it.” And “You’ve got my attention. Now give me your best shot.” And “With a little more time, I could be a big part of your life in a good way.”

I am not immune to this flirting. I’ve got this novella I’m working on, and the only thing keeping me going is that subtle smile–that promise that if I give this story some lovin, it will give me some wonderful things in return.

This story has potential.

I bet yours does too.

Give it some lovin and see if it flirts with you and then just keep spending hours with it to develop your relationship and see what happens by August 3. Either way, all the time you’ve spent on it will contribute to Clarion’s overall goal! So that’s what I’m going to do.

Whether I finish you or not, smiling story, I’ll put in some quality time with you!

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